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This function is so important that I have been using the Classic version, but they keep scolding me with a pop-up web page for using an old version.

Not a fan of my recent purchase of NeoOffice I want to use products on the Mac that I can trust will maintain the original file formatting when sharing MS documents with colleagues. I often create documents that clients pay money for and expect to use in Microsoft products they own. I found that Pages and Numbers do a better job in these scenario's than NeoOffice when it comes to using the lowest common denominator file types in heterogeneous systems; yet none of these programs can be trusted for always maintaining format integrity if the files use some of the more advanced features.

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Perhaps the NeoOffice team will get around to it on some future upgrade. We have used NeoOffice now for four years in our office and have been very pleased. It replaced Office for the Mac and our entire office has been very happy with it. It does most everything MS Office Mac does, but much better, it is more reliable, and it can easily read and write word and excel files perfectly when needed.

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We have tried OpenOffice and LibreOffice, but they are inferior compared to NeoOffice and are less stable and have more bugs. It was written solely for Mac and has outstanding support. If there is ever a problem or bug very rare , the developer fixes it right away- try getting someone at MS to do that for you. NeoOffice Planamesa Inc. OpenOffice-based productivity suite for Mac. Join our mailing list Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.

Free Download NeoOffice has always used PayPal so sounds like you never paid. Sounds like your problem is that "can't pay" means "don't want to pay".

I use it because it opens and edits text and drawing documents other Mac software resists, and I can edit and save csv docs for import into a simple budgeting program. It's also much, much faster than it used to be. I just spent 45 minutes trying to automate creating a text document formatted to fit and print onto a 4x6 card so I don't have to mess with page formatting and three different printer settings to get it to work. Can't do it.

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The inline help uses technical terms no ordinary user can understand, online manuals give very thin instructions, and even the "user's" forums are developer-oriented, not to help a user who doesn't want to buy Office. I'm not an idiot; I pick up tricks, tips, and workarounds in commercial software with no problem.

But despite having used OpenOffice and NeoOffice for at least 10 years, I can't count on it for anything but the simplest functions. I'm envious of those who can suss out how to use it to its potential. But if you're looking for something to be a little creative with and aren't a software wizard, you might want to look elsewhere. Not for the faint of heart.

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Great for opening docs that native Mac programs won't touch, but creating anything but basic documents requires skill and technical knowledge the average or even above average user isn't likely to have. I've been using NeoOffice since it was first launched and have been quite happy with the performance. It basically 'does what it says on the box'. I have a new Mac and was advised by NeoOffice to upgrade to the latest version. The problem is that payment is only via PayPal. uses cookies.

Basically NeoOffice 'forces' you to open a PayPal account; though they state on their website there is a link on the payment page to pay without having to join PayPal, but there actually is NO link. As a Ex-PayPal user who will never, ever open another PayPal account I have no chance to 'donate' to upgrade to the new version. Very frustrating and very, very short-sighted of NeoOffice. So now I'm looking for an alternative to NeoOffice.

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I cannot even post this in the NeoOffice forums because you first have to 'donate' to leave a message. Very Catch The older versions were solid, reliable and easy to use. The new version? No idea see above. Learning is fast enough, You'll manage it while working, in perfect Mac-style, with few - if any - problems. Once you're registered as a "donor" you may download major upgrades for a year or so, and often new version too. Good stability, not so memory-hungry as previous version 2. Sometimes slow, this could be a problem in personal settings. Not so clean an interface, sometimes very Lighter and more friendly than OOO wich in some instances has more power.


A must. The file format is an easy to use international standard.

Compatible with MS Office formats. There is no demo. It is NOT free unless you're willing to compile the app from source code, which takes hours. It is written specifically to be optimized for Mac OS X. The next best version is the up and coming LibreOffice, which is honest to goodness donationware. The problem with LibreOffice has been its stability; However, the stability has improved with each revision and it is a good alternative to NeoOffice. Either version is superior to actual OpenOffice for Mac. The requirement of Microsoft Office in most situations has become a phenomenon of the past.

Office continues to have more bells and whistles. But for day to day document, spreadsheet, charts, database and presentation work, the various branches of the OpenOffice open source project are excellent. However, it is a solid application well worth trying and learning for most purposes. In my case, I could not care less whether MS Office even existed. The BIG problem with NeoOffice is its change in policy whereby only those willing to compile the program from source code are able to use it for free.

This is in keeping with its open source license, but a massive roadblock to typical users. Because the application is huge, it takes many hours to compile. The controversy over what constitutes a 'donation' versus a payment, however, will continue. There are default features of NeoOffice well worth turning off for most users. Be sure to read through the documentation and minimize the automatic features to fit your requirements. For example, I find the automatic item numbering and spell ahead features thoroughly annoying and detrimental.

Don't use what you don't like. Meanwhile there are some lovely other features well worth turning on in its preferences such as automatic saving of documents. NeoOffice is my favorite version of OpenOffice. However, it is well worth checking out the LibreOffice, which continues to actually be free.