Merry mac pto chipper review

Changing the chipper blade is easy, too. Had to replace the only out of 4 shaft bearings that isn't zerk lubed. Even it was easy. Think the DR stuff is MacKissic. Hammer spacers on the Tomahawk used to get so distorted that one could spend hours trying to hammer the shafts out through the twisted spacers. The spacers on the Mac stay tough. Just tap out some pins on the shaft end and run the shaft out by hand.

No hammering, swearing, etc. The natural gardener God's original intent. I have the chipper pictured in the OP 'Use it with the Hurlimann, 35hp. I run at about engine rpms with the rpm pto , so call it "reduced HP" With sharp knives, anything that fits in the chute is self feeding.

The shredder is very useful for gardening needs and does a good job of putting out uniform chip sizes. Since I burn wood for winter heat, anything bigger than about two inches gets stacked.

Top 4 New Backyard Chippers: Apple Orchard Comparison Test

Yesterday I ran the shredder for a few hours "re shredding" the chip pile to have material on hand for next years gardening. About 6 yards, processed. With the rotted chips wet from recent rains, I had trouble with clogs. Took too much time to do too little.

Testing a Chipper Shredder

I quit with the brush pile burns.. What a mess! The gardens are doing better than ever! Originally Posted by Finnster. Roy Jackson "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch I have a Wallenstein and my father has a Bearcat exactly like Roy's Woods shown above.

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Both are heavy duty and expensive but well worth it. I think you get what you pay for with this stuff. Good luck. I have a 5" Bearcat Actually, this is my second one, the first was a 14hp on a trailer. For personal use it is great, but if you think you would hire out with it, forget it, it is way too much work and time!

Compaired to the 20" Vemeer I hired last week, the 5" is a toy but it sure comes in handy. Before buying the BX42 this year I would rent a trailer version Vermeer every two or three years and use it for a few hours grinding up the huge pile that had accumulated since the last rental. After 4 or 5 rentals I realized I could have put those hundreds of dollars into my own machine that I could use as I needed for the rest of my life. My chipper doesn't compare to the unit I rented because it's much smaller and doesn't have a hydraulic feed, but I don't need it to be any bigger or more complicated.

It's been a simple and dependable machine and I just want to be able to pull my tractor out in the fall or spring when I see the need and chip up whatever fell or is lying around my woods. That way the job is not as huge and I don't have to look at a huge pile for years until the next rental. I had a Tomahawk stand-alone unit a bit smaller than the one you are looking at for many years and it worked fine for a modest-sized suburban lot with a few trees. It looks like it's a bit bigger than the one you are looking at.

It worked fine, but I got very tired of pulling the chips out from under it every few minutes, and changing the chipper blades was a total pain looks like that's not so on the Mighty Mac. So I replaced it with a BearCat chipper, which handles up to 5" and has a blower, and love it. Chippers become hard to feed if the blades get dull even a little - figure on sharpening them every 10 to 20 hours or if the chute is too narrow for forks in the branches.

With a smaller chute you have to cut off lots of limbs to get them to feed easily. For that reason a 4 or 5" capacity is great if you can afford it, even if you will never chip logs that big. The larger size is also useful for unburnable stuff like pine and logs that have gotten too rotten to be worth burning.

The shredder function is great if you have lots of small brush, or if you want to shred leaves. SonnyT's Barn Deere Hoss. RIP Sonny T. SonnyT is offline.

I guess I should have taken pictures when everything was shiny and clean, now its all dirty. Heh heh. Oh well, I'll snap some pics tonight for ya. I have been collecting a file of info on chippers for my tractor for future purchase and this model is in the running with a few others. I look forward to the eye candy! Oh, and dirty tractors and equipment just confirms they are not barn babes and they work for a living. Dragon is offline. Originally Posted by racer4 View Post.

MacKissic Chipper Shredders

We operate a Landscaping business. Smiling every Day!!! Here's some pics for all. Slightly used of course!

Mighty Mac Chipper:Shredder

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