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Participating non-University institutions What software can you get? Which devices are covered? Email: Hermes and Exchange Online How does the user get their passwords? How do I get a password for Raven?

What are Raven login options? How do I change them? Can I avoid typing my user-id each time I log in to Raven? Why can I access some Raven-protected web sites but not others? Why can't I access some electronic journals and databases? Why do Raven-protected sites say 'Error - missing cookie'? Can I use Raven on a website that I run? How can I test my Raven password to see if it works? What information might Raven disclose about me? How can I automatically filter incoming mail using Hermes? I already have an email address - do I need my Hermes account?

Accessing Hermes from a mobile device How do I access my Hermes email account from home? How do I redirect mail from Hermes? How do I stop my Hermes email going to my Gmail account? How can I move some or all my Hermes mail to a new account? Why have I stopped getting new email on my phone or tablet after I changed my password? Logging in to Hermes webmail — which password shall I use?

Outlook synchronisation problem How do I import my Outlook contacts into my Hermes Webmail address book? How do I check my filespace usage on Hermes? First, I could not get mail to download from gmail then mail just crashed every time I opened it. I had to erase each mailbox I had and download the emails again from the server. Took me the day to do. Called applecare and they were truly professional at the senior level and worked through the issue with me, but still a frustrating day at the office.

There have been several Mail problems in past updates to.

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Why Mail in particular seems to keep having problems is beyond me and in beta releases, that is one are that should be tested even more. The updates are nice but since everything works for me as is, I am not going to rock the boat. It would be nice if we could just download updates and they just work.

It is because of this that I published a knowledge base article describing how to turn this off. Users can now custom define their incoming and outgoing ports. Before El Capitan, we had to change the setting after setting up our mail account. This is a welcome change. You will find as comments to many of the Yosemite updates—and now El Capitan it seems—about the breaking of a basic feature: Mail.

Because no one uses e-mail these days. That an The Hip Hop. Now excuse me, I need to find my quill so I may compose a strongly-worded missive to Cupertino where I really give them a piece of my mind tell you what! After I have tried all the solutions provided here. The issue is yours. The solution shared here works. It took 3 minutes.

When you wear clothes, you have to do your laundry too! Most people cannot adequately communicate a message verbally to the people in their car and the complaints here have to do with international licensing, and likely software conflicts and personal maintenance habits. Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and rethink your personal attitude before you post next time.

You have to be a beta-tester every day you use your system to find the most incredible and annoying bugs. Software conflicts and personal maintenance habits have nothing to do with the bugs I find on a clean system install.

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Apple is really dropping the ball on creating the seamless, relatively glitch-free experience they were once known for. I wish they would give the same attention they give to the hardware that they do to the actual operating system.

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I want Apple to succeed because I have invested in a lot of their products. However, they really make it tempting to jump ship when they produce substandard bug-filled products. Worked for me, however I had to follow the procedure twice for one account. Perhaps there is a lag for the new settings to be detected and changed? Updating has become a farce for example the latest iTunes now include apple radio, but ONLY if you live in the US, so what is the point of the update for the rest of the world.

So true, those icons or rather lack of in the finder windows I thought should have gotten someone fired immediately…. They have remove the ability to disable cloud in iTunes as with the older version you could.

How to Add several email accounts in Mail app Mac

Seems to me people should manage their expectations. And maybe wait for normal release. Your living in a make believe world. Apple products are going downhill…period! They have been for a few years now. Manage expectations? Outlook stops checking for new mail all of a sudden. I have to shut it down and open to get new mail.

Stop using Outlook in OSX. I never understood the benefits of using Outlook in OSX. Under windows I have used it a lot, there it was ok.

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Apple Mail must be the worst app that Apple has written. It is miserably unprepared for the enterprise and cannot be used effectively in a business setting because it is way too unreliable. I have no tried to switch 4 times after monumental announcements about its new functionality and its improvements.

Thank You Gilbert!!!! Holding down shift when starting Mail fixed the problem and the problem messages were then able to be closed.

Fixing Mac OS X Yosemite Gmail Bug In Mail App -

Every OS X update nowadays breaks something while supposedly fixing something else, Apple is really letting loose. Yes, Apple techs must be justifying their pay checks with this garbage. This is so true. Seriously, who has that much time to troubleshoot these constant bugs?