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Do try around, and ask your colleagues to properly document all the options. Attachments: Up to 2 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of Answers Answers and Comments. Why am I getting an error to start fresh splunk instance in my mac machine? How do I install a universal forwarder on Mac OS and configure data inputs? How to condense search outputs?

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Question by ldongradi [Splunk]. Most Recent Activity:. People who like this. Feb 13, at AM However, Finder lets you name a file or folder with a forward slash, e.

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On the other hand, Finder does not let you name a file or folder with a colon :. Note: some characters that are legal on macOS might not be on file servers, which are usually hosted by other operating systems. As seen above, escaping characters can make the path quite unreadable.

You can also place the name or path in quotes:. In bash you can use single quotes ' or double quotes " to quote paths.

Back slash???

Single quotes are more effective. Any character in single quotes is used as is, with no special function. Even the backslash character has no special function. The only character you cannot use in single quotes is the single quote itself. In general, single quotes are most useful and easiest to use. However, you cannot use single quotes when the filename contains a single quote. Double quotes still require some characters to be escaped with the backslash and cannot deal with an exclamation mark!

Backslash escaping works in nearly all cases, but can be tricky to type right and is quite illegible. When typing paths, always use tab completion to be safe. Tab completion uses backslash escaping by default. Tab completion is even smart enough to change the approach when the strategy you chose i.

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