Mac is not better than pc

Hardware life span.

And we demolish the vast majority of the spurious claims made by Apple's ad gurus in the process. Of course, PC Pro isn't immune to the Mac's charms. As recently as four months ago, we gave an Apple MacBook one of our much-coveted Recommended awards. So to prove we're not PC bigots, we've invited our colleagues from MacUser magazine to offer ten reasons why the Mac is superior.

Mac vs PC: Which should I buy?

We've also provided an in-depth guide to running Windows on a Mac, allowing you to reap the benefits of both platforms. Click here to read "10 reasons why Macs are better than PCs". Click here to read "Expert guide: Running Windows on a Mac". Since Mac OS X was launched in , there have been four "new versions" of the operating system - Puma, Jaguar, Panther and Tiger - with a fifth, Leopard, due imminently.

Entrepreneurs Sound Off on the Mac vs. PC Battle

And they say Windows is expensive. Apple has effectively introduced the first subscription operating system, and has somehow got away with it. The Mac zealots claim that each new cat really is a new operating system, but that argument doesn't bear scrutiny. God knows how insignificant the other were. While this has changed just a little as Apple has gained ground on Microsoft, Mac users are still living in relative bliss with the lack of viruses, spyware and malware. Apple is further assisting with backing up with the utilization of iCloud, something especially appreciated in this age of people using multiple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft makes the software. Then you have third-party drivers and whatever else for all the peripherals.

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When you have a problem, everyone points a finger at everyone else. With the Mac, the issue rests more often just with Apple.

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Of course, any customer of PowerMax who has ever had a question or problem can attest to the friendly expertise we also provide to help sort it all out for them as well. Apple makes upgrading its OS simple, Microsoft still keeps it complicated. Apple smoothly transitions its customers to its latest OS for free.

The best we can say about that is that their scattered approach to naming matches their scattered approach to their OS. Microsoft is for people who love tinkering with computers, Apple is for people who just want to get their work done.

Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better?

Those kind of people like Windows on the front end as well because they understand all the crazy intricacies and complications of the computer system. They just look cool. You can run Windows on a Mac anyway, so why not get the best of both worlds?

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So why not both save money in the long run and have access to virtually any desktop software you want? Macs are actually cheaper in the long run Sure, you can buy a Windows PC for fewer up-front dollars. Macs are much easier to buy We tried shopping for a PC just to compare, and after about 15 minutes our eyes glazed over.