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There has been no robust equivalent allowing Mac applications to run on Linux, perhaps no surprise given that Windows is far and away the world's most widely used desktop operating system. The name "Darling" combines Darwin and Linux. Darling works by "pars[ing] executable files for the Darwin kernel But there is a ways to go. Darling is in the early stages, able to run numerous console applications but not much else. I know it doesn't sound all that great, but it proves that Darling provides a solid base for further work.

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One roadblock is actually getting Mac. An installer for. The fact that OS X is a Unix operating system provides advantages in the development process.

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I adapted this Dockerfile from one that Jess Frazelle came up with. It appeared to be broken when I tried it so I've added some more packages to fix the runtimes errors I encountered. You may also be asking yourself why I've added slack from the local filesystem instead of using wget or curl.

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Run this before building the Dockerfile or move it back into the file itself as a RUN step:. Most packages are available in package repositories or PPAs so apt-get could be used, but Slack is an exception to the rule.

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This means Docker won't be able to access it. Install and run socat to create a tunnel from an open X11 port through to the local UNIX socket where XQuartz is listening for connections:. Change the IP address of Here's an example with a docker-compose. When forwarding apps from Docker to XQuartz you may find that they do not run correctly or have unexpected lag. This may be because hardware acceleration and use of the GPU is not available, but the applications may still be useable enough for you to get the benefits. Getting started with Docker 1. Most of what I've outlined above came from reading a Github issue from The standard EXE installer is available from our Downloads page.

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  6. Is there a Minimum Version Requirement? In order to provide the best software and product support for our customers, we must periodically retire older versions of software.


    This enables BlueJeans to continue to innovate and deliver features and enhancements for our valued customers. Effective January 1st, , BlueJeans App versions 1.

    Users on retired versions of the software will need to update to latest version. Users will be prompted to update to the latest version available, when the app launches. Once updated, all future updates will be done automatically. The BlueJeans application does not require admin privileges.