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My actual configuration is Linux Mint Mate I have it working fairly well. Let me give you an example of my useage. I highlight, rt click, and choose open with. I search for The Listener, and it finds the correct information and episodes since this is the only show with that name. I can drag a single season, or the entire folder with subfolders for each season. Again, this is perfect, just what I wanted.

But here is where a problem comes in. I had already named season 1 and I want it removed from the Original Filename List. BUT, I cannot mark a range to be deleted using the arrows. I have to highlight each of the 12 episodes one by one. I can however, by paying attention to the first name, add chosen episodes to make the list match from original filename to the new filename. And then of course use the rename button.

And kudos for a good bit of programming.

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I can post more if you are interested in hearing about my experiences. Please feel free to post more experiences. And; thanks for the compliments. This program started as a test to see how difficult it would be to develop cross platform with Lazarus Pascal. Some more notes. I have been using your program and -love- it!

Name My TV Series: Cross-Platform Program To Quickly Rename Episodes

It works well, but I cannot seem to get the preferences to work. I open the program, choose Alt-P for preferences and that window hangs. Yes, I know about the text config file, but it does not seem to work quite right either. After retrieving the database info, would it be possible to save the series graphic and the text listing into a word doc? I have been using the listings from epguides, but this is an extra step and your program already has the data.

I can send you an example to see, or you can welcome my FTP site. Would that work? I have a second machine on a table across the room. I also have those mounts shared on my home network.

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Tonight I was working on the show Alice. I made the folder, started copying episodes from the CD where they were burned. I had a browser window open to epguides, and had writer open to list the shows. I paste from epguides to writer and save the list of episodes as 00 Alice. I found I could no longer drag the entire folder into the rt panel, but it worked to drag the folder contents. Try setting the access rights to full access ie.

Have been using this great little program for a few months on my Linux Mint Cinnamon I use 1.

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I tried re-download and also 32bit. Can you list any dependencies required so I may find the answer? Mint no longer comes with ffmpeg for instance, although this is easy to remedy. My youtubedownload DOES extract mp3 automatically from mp4 files. Strangely, my laptop, Mint Grateful for any ideas. As far as ffmpeg goes; I thought I had included a precompiled ffmpeg with the archive you can download here?

I have the same problem on Linux too. Exiting preferences and gong back in results in the default selection being blank.

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Thanks David for the feedback and some steps to test and hopefully reproduce the issue. Thank you for your prompt response. I will take a look though for experience. Not suggesting a problem with ffmpeg, just an example. I use a few third party repositories, so I did an apt-get update and upgrade, and set all back to package maintainers versions.

AppleScript: Renaming Files for TV Series Free on Mac

Also tried installing Kodi, but no change. Not used windows at home since XP was a boy. Still have a nostalgia XP games hard-drive though!

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Please keep compiling for Linux. The data collecting alternatives, phones included are now becoming offensively intrusive to an old guy. BTW Thanks for the program. Although there seems to be a good group of Mac users as well. Which Operating System are you using most likely: Windows?

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  • Thanks for catching that — this will be helpful in fixing the issue! I do have one other project that I have to finish ConnectMeNow 2.

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    But there is an annoying bug. Could you address that? Also … thumbs up for reporting your OS, most folks seem to forget that. I was wondering however if there was an option for being able to rename more than just video files when I put in anything else, e. This will rename all related files that start with the same filename but different extension.

    I would think that Windows shortcuts will rename as well, however; Keep in mind that when the target file is being renamed, the shortcut would no longer work. Windows unfortunately does not update those, so it would link to a none existing file. Oh crap, its at it again. I reinstalled Linux Mint and went back to Then along came several updates and it is back to where it was when I thought I had the Video Driver problem.

    I simply will not add the data in the line when the add button is used. A blank line appears and of course the software states it cannot rename the item because there is nothing in the line that it added. I have 17 shows, mostly Chicago PD or Fire to rename and it no longer works. Same problem as we had a month or two ago when I removed the video driver and it appeared to work. This time the video driver is the one that worked. But I do not thing that is the problem.

    Very frustrating as I really need these done. I see there are others that have had the same problem. Any Ideas?????? Oh dear, how is this for a problem? I tinkered with the settings. I deleted all replace with dialog one by one and cleared the list. Great, I may have found a way to make it work. It appeared with 7 shows ready to be renamed.

    Oh boy it worked. The files 7 were in a directory on my desktop. So I opened the directory to see how and it it worked. All 7 files were gone, no where to be found. Somehow, the software had deleted all 7 files. I did a search of the entire drive for Chicago PD and they are gone.